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The artificial era of intelligence


In this constantly evolving world, digitalization and artificial intelligence have been key factors for any firm to get to new heights. This modern era has also seen an increase in the growth of e-commerce. People have started to believe in the online world and have become frequent users of the same. One can easily choose different varieties of clothes available in all sizes, these things have made people turn down visiting a mall or shops. Why would one go to buy fruits and vegetables in the market if he can get the same fresh by ordering in an application which can deliver it to their doorstep? E-commerce and Artificial intelligence go hand in hand like two sides of the same coin.

Some of the advantages of artificial intelligence in ecommerce industry are:-

1. Easy searching of products-:

One of the key roles that artificial intelligence plays in the e-commerce industry is that it helps in easy searching of products which is really very necessary. It is really important to match the interests of the customers by their keywords, this section uses Natural Processing of Language and vision of the computer to easily find out the images.

2. Giving out the better recommendation of product-:

Keeping apart the best product searches via NLP. The artificial intelligence model also keeps a track of analysis of browsing history, interests, and ratings given by other customers who have used the same product.

3. Helping the company in dynamic pricing,

with the increase or decrease in demand of the product many companies look forward towards dynamic pricing. With artificial intelligence, it becomes very easy as they can easily look forward towards the analysis and comparability of the product also it helps in predicting the future scope of products.

4. Decreasing the risk of fraud:-

With the growth and fame of the company, the chance of an increase in fraud also starts to become more. With an increase in machine learning techniques, it is quite simple to find out the fraud credit card transactions. Not only this it also helps the customers by providing them with a secure payment method.

5. With an increase in demand for e-commerce the workload of a backhand that is their warehouse has increased a lot.If one visits the warehouse of a multinational e-commerce website he can see a lot of ai-driven robots either packaging and boxing the goods or make the product ready for shipment.

6. Providing with customer service-:If someone’s had a talk with customer care of e-commerce he would definitely have absorbed a robot talking to them who will try to solve the problem by themselves without forwarding it to their agents.

These are some of the main benefits of having artificial intelligence in an e-commerce company.

Artificial intelligence in the ecommerce sectors is like having salt in one’s food nowadays which is a must if it is not present the food becomes tasteless. Whether it be providing security or decreasing fraud or make the life of both the retailer and customer easy the biggest reason behind all of them is Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

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