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How Digital HR Transformation Improves Employee Engagement?


Technology is changing everything at high speed. If we talk about the time a few years back, we saw a tremendous change in the working style of the companies. Now the use of technology in the purview of digital HR transformation is increased with the help of AI.

AI helps in automating the workflow and increasing channels for communication. It transformed the way employees used to work. More tech-friendly employees are joining the labour force. These employees are raising the level of technology usage in the companies and have different expectations from their employees and HRs.

Generation Y people want organisations to adopt the technology as quickly as possible and want to be valued and heard by their seniors.

This situation brings a new challenge for HR, as he has to balance legacy organisational processes with the new demands posed by a new generation of employees. There is one more responsibility to be handled by HR other than payroll, benefits, and procedures; they have to cater to all the employees together and make them walk together as happy employees of the company.

HR should now focus on employee engagement, employee retention, and workplace culture as the priority. These factors altogether make a great impact on enhancing employee experience in the company, which returns in great employee engagement.

As the workforce has different needs and pains, you will need complete HR software that helps everyone. You need an employee-centred and focused system that not only empowers your employees but also makes their life simpler at work.

So you can do uKnowva now and make your workplace more engaged and productive. It will implement positive HR transformation to meet the changes in your workforce.

3 Ways In Which Digital HR Transformation Improves Employee Engagement

Remember to take employee feedback

An increase of 12% to 14% in performance is seen in organisations where continuous employee feedback takes place. Employee feedback should not only talk about inefficiencies but also about future performances.

It builds a strong connection between the company and the employee and makes them feel valued, as the feedback given by them gets appreciated. This practice should be conducted for a better outcome.

Remote employees also get involved in the company through this feedback process. It makes them a part of the office conversation and opens gates to know each other and build trust. This feedback can be made interesting by taking them in the form of polls, quizzes, and questionnaires.

Give a touch of personalisation

There may be different business units, job functions, and branches in your workforce. Some employees come to the office daily, some opt for a hybrid job, and some prefer remote working, which creates a lot of confusion. Every employee has different skills and experiences that increase the workload of HR much more. So, to engage and target every employee in your company, you need to personalise and reach different workforce segments.

Trust and implement a smarter HRMS that gives your employees a personalised touch and makes them connected to everybody at a click. This helps to increase work productivity as employees are more engaged in their work. The best HRMS tools in India solve most of their time-consuming tasks like attendance, assigning projects, leave applied, and much more. Such tools are easy to use and understand, and even a non-tech background employee can also get these software with a little help from HR.

Health and wealth encouragement program

Keeping oneself fit and healthy is more important after the pandemic. Everyone is now quite concerned about their health and fitness. By starting a health and wealth encouragement program in your company for your employees, you build a strong relationship with them. It helps in enhancing their engagement and work productivity. Now, various online health apps are available to look after health. Mental health is also a big and underrated issue that no one wants to talk about. But keeping an expert session and seminars for your employees where they can speak about their mental stress helps a lot.

Allow short breaks, and plan a small day out or picnics once a month or two so that employees get a free day from their hectic office schedule and have a chance to talk to other department employees. This boosts your company’s environment and makes your employees happy, which gets reflected in their work.

Apart from that, you can invest in a smarter HRIS software system. It will have a tracker to keep an eye on your staff’s happiness mood for the day whenever they log in and log out. These stats are necessary for you to know if your staff is keeping well at any given time or not. If not, you know it will be a serious problem.

There will be higher chances of increased attrition when you fail to address the cause of unhappiness in the team. Thus, this tracker or happiness index is a great metric to drive better employee engagement. Plus, it is all digital and online. You are not even dependent on the paperwork for keeping track.

A unified communications platform

The social intranet is the best way to form a unified communication and employee engagement platform. It is like any other social media platform where people like, comment, share their thoughts, and chit-chat. HR needs it badly as emailing everyone separately increases the workload, and the chances that anybody gets missed are very

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