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Convincing Reasons to Use Channel Management System in Your Hotel


Hotel channel management software play a critically massive role in seamlessly distributing inventory and even rates on multiple otas. This whole process helps a hotel to simply maximizing bookings and, hence , boosting revenue. By diversifying the sources of reservations for the hotel, you simply stand a higher possibility of attaining full occupancy and Channel Managers come in handy in such an endeavour.  Of course, you can use a good and powerful channel management system for your hotel for reaping the perfect outcomes.

You know what, a single Hotel channel management software fetches with it lot more benefits than simply the increased bookings. This is why it is better that every hotel invest in a good channel manager. In case you are still not convinced, it is time that you walk through this post. It would get you the convincing reasons to introduce this system to your hotel:

  • Expand the source of booking

It is important that you do not place all your eggs in a single basket. With competition in the present day always lurking around the corner, you simply cannot expect conventional types of ways to light up your path to success. Proactively pursue every single source of booking there is to explore. This is a definite-shot way you can make sure you remain ahead of competition.

Channel type of managers make complete sense for every kind of hotel property. With a hotel channel type of manager in place, you get easily to connect to as many otas as you actually deem necessary and open out your inventory throughout all those otas. You can even select otas that are somewhat relevant to a specific region if most of your bookings emerge in from a certain region of the world! It is how visible you can get , no matter where you actually are or how small your property!

  • Massive Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons that you should have channel type of manager for your hotel is that it transforms your property’s online presence. It oversees and even updates information, such as room inventory, overall rates, and at times even content, across all distribution channels immediately or in real-time. This is something that consequently enhances bookings and revenue and makes your tiny hotel business a lot more efficient. Of course, in the present time, you cannot miss out on the overall efficiency and once this manager gets you that; you must go for it.

Remember that centralizing and even automating channel management with a Channel type of Manager means you would not really require to log in to the additional net of each OTA one by one to update costs and inventory: you are going to be able to do that in a single click. Come on, you can be sure that there are no human errors by automating the tasks.

  • Single point inventory & rate management approach

Well, keeping up with altering times is not really just a smarter way of doing things but even the most lucrative option, in the context of overall hotel management. Having a channel management software Associated with your Property Management System is the one powerful way to distribute inventory and rates, at the same time saving time. The two-way type of connectivity between a cloud-based PMS and even a cloud-based Channel type of Manager allows real-time updates both ways- updates on the overall PMS is going to reflect across all otas instantly, and even updates from all otas get reflected on your PMS in present. The channel type of manager works as the type of a messenger between the two.

Your PMS dashboard is all you actually require to have in front of you to make or even get updates. Imagine all the time your front desk staff is going to end up saving, once you invest in the finest possible channel type of manager for hotels!

  • Occupancy Growth

Once you use a Channel kind of Manager, you get the chance to broaden your hotel’s visibility. Your property can actually reach more businesses and both domestic and even international travellers. This is something that boosts the chance of rooms getting booked by up to even ten percent or even more.

Similarly importantly: the real-time functionality of the overall Channel type of Manager software means that a room turns out to be available everywhere online as soon as it has been made available in your Property Management System. Just ponder about a last-minute cancellation: for a specific booking that begins on the same day: as soon as the system gets to know about the cancellation, the same room is immediately going to be available for sale on the web.

  • Penetrate fresh , more lucrative local & global markets

Of course, one of the perfect part about investing in a hotel Channel type of Manager is that you can fascinate potential guests from throughout the world, from wherever you actually are. Think about it- Assume you’re running a resort in a country like Switzerland and come ski season, your region experiences  a great volume of reservations from Croatia. With a channel type of manager connected to your PMS, you actually get to connect with the most well-known type of OTA(s) in the region. This is massively advantageous because in the absence of spending a fortune on geo-targeted marketing and such you can easily still lure people from Croatia to even your resort!

  • Say good bye to overbookings or double bookings

Of course, the consequences of overall manual errors are plenty (and most of the times grave), but this one can actually jeopardize your business. Overbooking is a main problem plaguing the entire hotel industry, the world over. Now automating this type of process of updating your inventory and even rate in real-time removes this potential threat. A distribution channel type of manager makes sure that no sort of reservation is missed, updates your PMS as well as even otas with all sorts of new developments linked to inventory as well as rates. In such a way, you not just avoid overbookings, but even improve guest experience and overall online reputation.


To sum up , investing in a Aiosell channel manager is a great idea for your hotel business. Having known so many convincing reasons, you should not hesitate to venture into this tool and make the utmost out of it.

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