Cat 7 Plenum The Ethernet Cable
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Cat7 Plenum The Ethernet Cable


Nowadays, Wi-Fi is used to connect homes and businesses. Therefore, we should think about the type of cables we are installing. Consequently, it’s critical to be aware of the capabilities of Cat7 plenum cables while searching for the best ones for your home or office network.

It depends on a few essential aspects which cable is best for you. In this blog, we go into more detail about a Cat7 plenum cable.

Cat7 Plenum Ethernet Cable 

The newest and most advanced Ethernet cable is called Cat7 plenum cable. Up to 10 Gbps of data can carry by it. In addition, they can transmit up to 600 MHz over 100 meters of cable. So you could be thinking about whether Cat7 plenum cables are worth the extra money if you want to purchase the best Ethernet cable for your home network.

They provide improved quality, speed, and more outstanding durability and consistency than cat6a plenum cable. They are worth taking into consideration. Cat7 provides an additional increase in bandwidth while also reducing crosstalk and noise. It has a 15-year lifespan.

Few Things Before Buying Category 7 Cable 

If you’re choosing a cat7 plenum cable for your needs, you should know a few things.

  • They are adaptable and versatile; you’ll save money on additional cabling.
  • Cat7 plenum cable covering all four wire pairs individually and collectively.
  • With a maximum connectivity speed of 10Gbps, you may browse the Internet and download movies.
  • Cat7 plenum cable has a maximum bandwidth of 600MHz.
  • It is perfect for internet gaming applications.
  • Cat7 plenum cable performs at faster speeds with even less delay and performs well with the company network.

Cat7 plenum cable provides users with greater speeds and decreased crosstalk. It is particularly advantageous for large scale because most businesses have yet to upgrade their technology with cat7. Also, we offer high-quality bulk plenum copper  cable.


  • Cat7 cable conveys more data faster and supports substantially higher transfer rates.
  • Completely shielded twisted pairs considerably reduce crosstalk and electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • An estimated 15 years are in the life of the cat7 cable.
  • Cat7 still works with 8P8C RJ45 connectors even if it uses different connectors from earlier generations.


  • The TIA does not support Cat7 cable.
  • It is expensive.

Plenum Or Non-Plenum Cat7 Cables?

There is one more thing to consider, which is just as significant as the others. Plenum cables are put through a series of laboratory testing to make sure they fulfill the criteria.

In some areas, these cables are necessary for wall installations in buildings. However, high-risk circumstances like hazardous emissions would apply. Use cat7 plenum cable instead for use. If you still need to upgrade in the future, CAT7 plenum cables would save you money and provide additional cabling options. Additionally, they are double shielded, increasing their durability.

Cat7 cables are ideal since they can sustain up to 10 Gbps data transfer rates.

Commercial Uses For Cat7 Cable

Cat7 plenum cable has industrial or commercial use.

  1. Huge commercial Ethernet networks use Cat7 cables.
  2. It can tolerate a wide range of traffic and environmental risks.
  3. Extremes in temperature and exposure to UV rays include.

Domestic Uses ForCat7 Cable

  1. Cat7 cables have gained popularity among home users and enthusiast gaming setups.
  2. It supports various bandwidths and data transfer rates.
  3. Cat7 tends to be significantly thicker, more demanding, and heavier than Cat6 when updating or upgrading a home network cabling.

Should I Purchase Cat7

A cat7 cable is thicker, more protective, and suited for demanding applications. Even if cat6a is less expensive, you might want to look into it if you’re on a small budget because cat7 is better for large company networks.

A Cat7 cable can handle 10 Gbps of data. Although the TIA has not yet given its approval, it can transmit 40 Gb across a distance of 15 meters.

The transmission frequency is a different aspect when choosing a cable type. Additionally, it has the same 100m maximum length, making it the preferable choice for upgrading or creating new residences. Additionally, the CAT7 cable offers superior shielding and is fast.

Final Words 

In conclusion, Cat7 plenum cables are more costly. In addition, they need unique connectors that are incompatible with the majority of devices. Compared to other Ethernet cables, they feature a higher maximum speed.

We have chosen to stock Cat7 plenum cables to provide our customers with the best options for their wiring requirements. With higher frequencies and 10Gb, it offers you the benefits of a high-performance connection that you may use up to 328 feet.

Believe In Us 

We genuinely hope that this post on Cat7 plenum Cable was helpful. But, of course, any construction must use a suitable cable, and the Cat7 plenum cable seems like a wise choice. As always, get in touch with us if you have any questions, and we’ll assist you in finding the appropriate cable.

Have fun wiring!

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