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5 Useful Tips to use and create digital mind maps


Mind maps have been used for a long time to increase understanding, communication between employees, and finally, the productivity of everyone included. Well, nowadays, you can use mind mapping software to boost the design of maps and easily share them with your colleagues. You are surely aware of all the benefits you can enjoy from using this app, but what about the tools you have at your disposal? Many people aren’t very familiar with these, which is why we will provide you with some useful tips.

Choose the appropriate layout

The very first thing you will have to do once you start the mind mapping software is to decide on the overall design. Well, the biggest advantage of using this app is that it offers endless options. Firstly, you can choose between multiple templates, and each of these is created for a specific mind map. For example, you should not use the same design when working on problem-solving, brainstorming new ideas, or creating a simple schedule for the next week.

Due to this reason, you should have the purpose and goal of your design in mind when choosing the layout. If none of the suggested templates meet your requirement, you can make a design of your own by combining different shapes and line types.

Add colors

Not many people understand the benefit of including different colors in their design when using mind mapping software, but the truth is that it can prove to be crucial. Why? Well, first of all, it will make the entire layout comprehensible. You can use one color for the main idea and add the other ones during the brainstorming session. This way, your employees or colleagues will have a clear picture of the entire process, and it will be easier for them to reach the final goal. Secondly, colors will make the map more appealing. Your goal is to keep the people’s focus on what you are saying and presenting, and simple colors can do wonders for you.

Make connections

When using mind mapping software to create a digital design, your options are endless. You are the one who determines even the tiniest detail. Since your goal is to design a precise map, you should not forget the lines connecting the idea. If your design is fairly simple, there is no need to change these, and it may not even be necessary to use them. However, if this is not the case, these options will be your new best friends. They will enable you to simplify the overall design and ensure your colleagues will easily make the connections between the ideas.

Adjust the font

The benefit of this feature is similar to the one we discussed regarding colors. It enables you to design a unique map or presentation every time and keep everyone engaged. In addition, you can use different fonts to emphasize certain topics and keywords, categorize them into several groups, underline the most important ones, and so on. This way, everyone who looks at your map will be able to immediately understand the main keywords and ideas and continue developing them.

Include your colleagues

The last tip we have for you when it comes to using mind mapping software is to include other people in the process. Obviously, this is a must during a brainstorming session, and this app enables everyone to participate even if you are not all together in the office. Not only can you share the design with everyone involved, but you can also enable them to add their own notes and ideas and present them to others during the meeting. This way, you will not only boost your team’s productivity but also come up with a variety of ideas and make a collective decision on which ones you should pursue further.

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