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Unlocking 7 Technical SEO Aspects That Can Boost Your Website’s Performance


Technical SEO is one of the most important SEO aspects. Your niche might have the best content pieces in a particular niche, but it will struggle to have a high rank if it has unsolved SEO issues. This makes it essential to spend time optimizing your website’s technical SEO.

Below we discuss the seven most important aspects that can improve your website’s performance.

Ensure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

The most essential tip to improve your site’s performance is to make it mobile-friendly. One of the most common Google algorithm updates happened in 2015 to make people prefer responsive and mobile-friendly websites.

A mobile-friendly website has become more critical today than ever, significantly enhancing your website’s performance.

Optimize Your XML Setup

Sitemaps are essential for Google to find your web pages. Fortunately, developing an XML sitemap for your website has become relatively easy. People on WordPress can create an XML sitemap using the available logins like Yoast. However, you can make things easy by contacting a professional seo agency.

Speed Your Website

Site speed is integral if you want to improve your platform’s performance. Remember, Google might put a minor penalty on your site, making it essential to consider this alternative. A slow site means your content will rank less than users with fast profiles.

Making your website fast is an integral SEO strategy you should consider, and you can consider any of the following tools;

  • Pingdom
  • GTMetrix
  • Google Insights.

However, you should ensure any of the above tools provides your Core Web essentials before trying one.

Fix any Site Errors.

Website owners should conduct weekly SEO audits to fix emerging errors or consider technical seo consulting for fast results. These weekly audits are essential, as they enable you to rank higher consistently. Fortunately, numerous tools can help you achieve this.

Use Internal Links

Internal links, also called hyperlinks, point readers to another page on your site. Even though internal links do not have the exact influence as external ones, they are essential in enabling search engines to know your website’s information hierarchy.

Internal links also develop an SEO-friendly architecture for your website. Using a descriptive word in the anchor text is advisable to give readers a sense of the targeted keywords.

Put Your Keywords in Alt Text

Remember, Google cannot see your image’s details. Instead, it uses metadata like the image alt text or file name to know what is in the picture. Alt texts are used in HTML codes to describe an image’s function and appearance.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Your first concern should be to eliminate any duplicate content on your website. Canonical URLs are essential when moving a blog post from one page to another and are integral if you own an ecommerce website.

Fortunately, you can get top seo services for junk removal companies with the touch ofa button.

Final Thoughts

Technical SEO aspects are crucial to your website’s performance. The above article has discussed the main aspects, and you can reach out for more details on the best seo for moving companies.

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