Top 5 Call Recorder for Parents and Employers
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Top 5 Call Recorder for Parents and Employers


It’s been a few struggling months since I have started my own business. At first, it was just a simple store but later on because of the changing circumstances we thought of expanding it as an online store as well. We had limited members in our team so at first, it was hard to manage everything on our own. We hired an intern and his simple task was to take calls for orders. He was a college student looking for part-time work. We all know how careless and distractive this young generation is. So the order record started decreasing since he joined the team. We were very worried that a flourishing business is slowly declining and there is no apparent reason.

Later on, we found out about the reason. We have to get some of the personal records of the customer to deliver the package fast, especially for the same delivery order. He has this bad habit of playing online games. So he was receiving calls while playing games and most of the time skipped important information to record. Thus instead of talking to the authority to confess the mistake, he thought to just eliminate the existence of the whole call as the remedy to this problem. As a result, the order was declining.

Once we find out one of your founding members was so mad that he told us to fire the intern. Though the voting power saved him the idea to get a call recorder app for keeping the digital record of the employee was given. We all liked this idea so the search to find the best app started.

Here are the top five call recording apps that we have found for us.

TheOnespy app:

TheOnespy app offers best call recording and calls log features for parents and employers. The app offers multiple kinds of bundles and one case chooses according to the needs and demands.

Open Phone App:

It is a business app that offersthe business community the power to keep recordsof the employees. The app saves the record of all the incomingand outgoing calls. Most importantly it is not just an android device. You can use it on your iPhone or desktop as well. They offer three different kinds of bundles.One of them includes a custom plan according to your need and demands.


On top of our list is the app that offers excellent monitoring features. The name of the app is OgyMogy.Thecall recorder feature can be used for android. There is free trial but the best part is that there is no discrimination between advanced and basic features as well. Keep in mind that you must have physical access to the target device at the time of installation in case of the OgyMogy cell phone spyware. Three different kinds of bundles i.e monthly, seasonal and yearly bundles make it easy to choose a package that fits the desired box of the user. It is a cloud-based app so no worries about the storage space.

Cube ACR:

If you want an app that offers the facility to manually as well as automatical record a call according to the need of the user then this one is for you. Oneof the drawbacks of using this app is that it only offers services for android users. However, you can use it to keep a record of calls done through skype or Whatsapp as well.Another big drawback of this app thatwe found was that it Is not a cloud-based app. Thus the storage of the recordings is done only in the app. To store, you must face additional charges in the form of dropboxstorage, google drive or an additional SD card support. They offertwodifferent kinds of bundles to their users.

Rev Call Recorder:

Incase you are in search of a free call recorder then You Can use the Rev Call recorder service as it is a free app. Thereare no limits in terms of numbers or recordings of the app. The only drawback is that they offer servicesonly in the United States and the services are limited to iPhone users only.

Though the call recorder app can be used by parents as well to protect the kid from bullies or scammers.

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