Steps To Download Trending Facebook Videos
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Steps To Download Trending Facebook Videos


Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are brimming with creativity. Still, if you want to download these thrilling videos on your PC or smartphone, it needs some additional apps. Instead of sharing the link with friends, you can download it by following the steps and posting it on the web. Copy the URL of the specific Facebook video, sign in to a particular website, and click the download sign. The video will be downloaded. Every day millions of enthralling videos are posted on Facebook by users from different parts of the world.  

Not For Commercial Purposes

As Facebook does not permit you to access offline videos, you need an internet connection to watch or share them. But once you download the video, you can watch it offline. These tips will allow you to download Facebook videos from the computer’s web browser and the Facebook app on android and iOs. Do not use the downloaded video for commercial purposes, as it is illegitimate. The video creator may sue you for copyright breach if you alter the download video and publish it on the web. There are many criteria for fair use policy. To know the exclusion and inclusion, log on to the US Copyright Office Fair Use Index website. 

The Steps

Downloading a Facebook video on the desktop requires a few minutes. Through the desktop browser, open Facebook chooses the preferred video, click on the three-dot menu placed in the screen’s upper right corner, then select copy link. Open a new website tab that facilitates Facebook video download and paste the URL on the designated box. Within a few minutes, the video would be downloaded. To save the video, select a location on your desktop. The built-in chrome browser on an android phone allows you to download the Facebook video instantly.

On Android Phone

Open the Facebook app on the android phone, click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, then tap on the copy link. Paste the link on Google chrome, play, and long tap to download it. There are many options to download Facebook videos; though there are many free services, many are sham select an online video downloader that is functional. The website helps you download videos on many different devices and operating systems, such as Windows 10, MAC, and Ubuntu. Facebook videos are hosted similarly to Google hosting YouTube videos on their server. The difference is the link to the Facebook video is not a real file source. It is embedded.

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