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Revature Discusses Some Common Tech Interview Questions


Interviews for tech related job roles can be quite intimidating. These interviews are often pretty focused and rigorous, and put emphasis on assessing the technical knowledge and skills of the candidates. Fortunately, tech talent development companies like Revature help their candidates to prepare for such interviews.  Acing tech interviews becomes much simpler when a person knows what to expect in them and have invested time into tech interview prep.

Revature marks a few key questions commonly asked in tech job interviews

A lot of companies today ask complex questions in the job interviews in order to week out unsuitable candidates at once. However, if a person has a good understanding of these questions and knows how to answer them; their odds of getting the job would increase substantially.

Here are a few of the common tech interview questions along with their answers?

  • What is meant by a Hash Table? Hash table basically is a data structure that stores key-value pairs, and is used for implementing associative arrays or map. A hash table typically makes use of a hash function for computing an index into an array of slots or buckets, from which the required value can be identified.
  • What is a Binary Tree? Binary tree essentially is a tree like structure where every node has two children at the most. The right and left children of a node are commonly known as the right child and left child respectively. A binary tree can comprise of a root node and two sub-trees, each of which tends to be a binary tree.
  • What is a Heap? Heap is a tree based structure that satisfies heap property. In case X is a parent node of Y, then the key node of X is ordered with respect to the key of node Y, with the same ordering being applied across the heap. A heap is usually used to implement priority queues, in which the key of every node corresponds to its priority.
  • What is a Linked List? Linked list is a data structure comprising of a series of nodes.  Each of these nodes contains two fields, a reference field and data field. The data field basically stores information linked with the node, while the reference field is meant to store the address of the next node in the list.
  • What is a Stack? Stack is a data structure that allows people to store and retrieve data in a LIFO or Last In, First Out manner. It is analogous to a physical stack of objects, like a pile of books. The very last book added to the pile would be the first book that could be removed.
  • What is a Queue? Queue is another data structure that allows people to store and retrieve data in a LIFO manner. It is analogous to a line of people waiting for something, like bus. The first person in line would be the first individual to get the opportunity to board the bus.

Experts at Revature underline that the questions mentioned above are just few of the many common, yet tough questions that might be asked in a tech interview. One needs to carefully think and take their time in answering each question properly, rather than rush through the interview.

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