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Real-World Applications of Python Programming


There’s a huge list of programming languages that aid in the facilitation of software development processes. We are living in dynamic times where the digital world is entirely driven by sophisticated codes written by programmers. Be it healthcare, military, research, or, banking, every other industry is dependent on programming and computing for its seamless operations.

As per a recent survey, it was found that more than 80% of developers use Python as the primary coding language. The reason is attributed to the availability of exhaustive libraries and frameworks that serve as open-source for developers to build their programs.

Apart from being the easiest language for beginners to learn, Python is at the forefront of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence innovation. Python is also easy for developers to build mobile applications, web development processes, and a lot more.  Let’s deep dive into some of the real-world applications of Python Programming.

Apart from Python, there are several other courses provided by Dhurvon, for an integrated and holistic understanding of the computing universe, starting from web development, mobile application development, data structuring, and algorithm using Python, Java, or C++.

  • Web Development

One of the most exciting applications of Python is Web development, simply because of the range of frameworks available for developers. Some of them are Django, Flask, Bottle, and there are many more. To add to this, Python gives you access to inbuilt libraries and tools that make the entire process of web development completely effortless. Web development with Python offers

  • Improved Security
  • Quicker development process
  • Fabulous Visualization
  • Convenience in development
  • Game Development

The gaming industry is rapidly growing at the moment and offers interesting and exceptional opportunities for game development. The use of Python here makes it an entirely effortless experience with popular games like Pirates of the Caribbean, Bridge commander, Battlefield, etc.  For the ones interested in Gaming Development, presence of popular 2D and 3D gaming libraries is very useful.

  • Audio and Visual Application

Most of the popular apps that you use are coded in Python, like Netflix, Spotify, YouTube, and many others. With the use of Python, and its various tools and libraries, one can write codes and finish their tasks flawlessly. The libraries to refer to are

  • Pyo
  • Dejavu
  • Mingus
  • SciPy
  • OpenCV
  • CAD Applications

Cad drawings are used by architects, product designers, and construction managers for designing their products with a high level of consistency. In other words, CAD refers to computer-aided design, which has Python embedded within its software. To design products more efficiently, one could use Blender, open cascade, Blender, etc. The use of python here gives you better technical drawing, dynamic system development, file export, import, etc.

  • Data Science

Data science requires the collection, sorting, analysis, and visualization of data. Python has excellent functionality to tackle statistics and solve the complex mathematical calculation. The presence of in-built libraries provides a lot of convenience to data science professionals. Some of the common libraries used are TensorFlow, pandas, and socket learning.

If you are interested in learning to code and want to explore the world of advanced software, Dhruvon Technology is here to make your life easy. You can learn Python from the comfort of your home with the Python Certification Course in Delhi provided by Dhruvon.

Headed by Dhruv Sharma, Dhruvon is on a mission to make coding accessible across India. His vision is to facilitate a coder in every Indian household.

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