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How to send a large file through an e-mail


The usage of hard copy files and folders has almost been eliminated from most organizations these days for all kinds of correspondence and information sharing. If not all, the majority of people are using virtual media for the same, even within the same workplace. This shift in approach has a lot of positive aspects of credibility.

  • Reduces the carbon footprint generation
  • Documents are safer and are not accessible to people who are not authorized to access them.
  • Breaks all the bars of time and distance for the information flow. As in, people can send documents to their intercontinental counterparts at any point in time.

When we have to share bulk documents

PDF is the most commonly used format for sharing documents. However, there is a limitation in the size of the document(s) we can send via e-mail. This is one of the reasons why people face a lot of trouble while sharing a bulk chunk of documents via e-mail. But technology has never rested, and we have options to reduce the size of our files without losing any bit of the information too. There are two ways how we do it:

  • Compress PDF
  • Merge PDF

How to Compress a PDF?

Compressing PDF files is done to reduce the size of the PDF file(s) so that it becomes possible to send them via e-mail within the file size allowed by the web-based e-mail service providers. The process of compressing PDF files is quite simple and follows easy steps.

  1. Open the PDF tool
  2. Select the file/ files( different compress PDF tools may have different styles that may include simply selecting the file or dragging the files in a drop box)
  3. Select the compress file option
  4. Set compatibility and click OK.
  5. Let the tool run its application.
  6. Your compressed file is ready.
  7. Download your compressed PDF file.

PDF compressor tools are available online in paid and free versions. Some tools can be installed into your device; some can be directly used online. It completely depends on the choice and requirement of the user to choose the type of version they would like to use.

Usually, those who need to use a pdf compressor tool on a regular basis tend to install the same into their device. This helps them keep a backup of the file, too, by using less space in their device. Users who do not send bulk pdf files often tend to use pdf compressor free versions available online. This doesn’t need to install the tool hence letting them save a lot more space on their device. However, they can always download and save the file on their device, even in the latter option.

PDF compressor works using lossless and lossy operations, allowing the user to send graphics through the compressed files.

How to merge PDF?

Merging PDF files is the process of combining multiple documents and converting them into one PDF file. Similar to Compressing PDF files, Merging PDF files is also an application that the users may install or may use merge PDF online. Yet again, the options of paid and free versions are available. The steps of merging PDF files can be mentioned as follows:

  1. Open your PDF application
  2. Select two or more PDF files
  3. Arrange the files in the order required
  4. Click the ‘merge’ option
  5. Wait for the tool to process its application
  6. The merged PDF file is ready.
  7. Download the file, and it is ready to be stored on your device or sent via e-mail.

Free merge pdf, paid or installed tools are a good option to send documents that do not include graphics as merge PDF tools work on lossless operation primarily. Hence, to combine pdf online or in a pre-installed application, we have to include the graphics files separately.

Compress PDF and Merge PDF tools are two simple ways of shrinking the size of the documents and sending them via e-mail in a safe way without wasting one’s valuable time.

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