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Gift Ideas for Techies


When the time rolls around to buy gifts for your nearest and dearest, the process always begins with that often-infuriating question: what do you think they would like? This is a question usually answered by considering what type of people they are. One of those types is the eternal techie, those individuals who like nothing better than to unwrap a gadget, something exciting that can do things that haven’t been done before.

Most of us have techies in our life, and they are usually one of the types that are easier to buy gifts for. And this doesn’t necessarily mean breaking the bank; we often associate anything high tech with a high price tag, but this isn’t necessarily the case. There are plenty of neat and dinky gadgets that are sure to put a smile on the face of the techies in our lives. However, technology is advancing faster than it ever has in the past, and in many different areas. This means that the difficulty might not lie in being unable to find the right gift, but in being totally flummoxed by the breadth of choice on offer.

Moreover, if the person you are buying a gift for is a true tech nerd, then one thing you might be anxious about is getting them something they already have or, worse still, something which they have a better version of. For example, if you have a nephew whose mobile device is always at the forefront of smartphone technology, then that new phone you get might find its way discretely back to the store in January.

Techie Gift Ideas

Another question which might arise when deciding on a gift for a tech nerd is the general area of technology that you want to explore. You should decide on this first and foremost, as it will narrow down your search and make it a bit easier. What would they like? Something for their smartphone? Something music related? Something for their computer or games console? Decide on that first, and you’re already halfway there.

Here follows then some of these categories, and some gift ideas that fall into them:


The classic gift here is a Bluetooth speaker, one of the most popular gifts for techies and music nuts alike. There’s a wealth to choose from here, and you can really select the speaker that will appeal most to those who appreciate technology. What about a Bluetooth speaker that can be voice activated – or a water-proof one to be used in the shower?


Techies typically have loads of gadgets around the home, but do they have the most efficient means of powering them? New USB C rechargeable AA batteries and the like, such as those produced by tech company Pale Blue Earth, could be the perfect energy solution for all your intended recipient’s gadgets. You could also get them a solar-powered device of some sort, or a power pack for charging their phone on the go.


Getting your techie a new camera could potentially break the bank, so you might want to save such a gift for the really important people in your life. Nevertheless, there are many camera accessories to choose from if you’re buying a smaller gift. The forefront of technology here includes waterproof cameras and flying drone cameras, but there are also things like gyrometric camera stands or new lenses for a camera they already own.

Buying for a techie can be daunting simply because new tech is incredibly diverse. However, if you know the person well enough, then you can follow your instincts and pick something they will not only love but find exceptionally useful.

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