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Advice From an SEO Company on How to Decrease Your CPC in Google Ads


Many individuals desire to have their CPC costs lower, despite what they are budgeting for their Google Ads. If you are able to reduce this cost, you can literally gain more traffic for the amount you are spending.  Here is some advice from an SEO Company on how you can decrease the cost you have budgeted for Google Ads.

The first tidbit of advice an SEO Company will tell is you to bid lower on your keywords. Website owners want that number one spot, so they are often willing to pay more for CPC. If you are willing to pay a bit less, you may drop a few spots in the search engine rankings, but that certainly does not mean your conversions or viewer amount will be any lower. And having more clicks does not necessarily mean having more sales.

Next, you should consider the content of your ads. You will want to see what your competition has for ads, then work hard to go above theirs. Refrain from speaking about “us” in the content and utilize “you” instead.  Cut out the fluff in your ad copy, saying less. Using single words instead of large amounts of words is more appealing to your viewers. Consider using ad expansions, and create a call to action that will deliver. If you are not able to provide an excellent copy, employ an expert to create it for you.

Do you understand the quality score of Google Ads? Many are not aware that the QS will impact the amount you are paying for your CPC. Your quality score is established on your click-through amounts, clicks versus historical impressions, the significance of keywords and ad copy, and elements associatedwith your landing pages, such as how long a person stays on your webpage and page speed.

Another component in decreasing your CPC in Google Ads is utilizing adverse keywords. These keywords will draw individuals that are just shopping but may not be buying. Every time your ad is shown, but zero clicks are given, Google implies that your ad’s significance is reduced. Thus, consequently, the QS is affected. And for every time your ad is exhibited in the SERPs by a general keyword, you obtain a greater possibility to pay for a click that probably will not convert. If you’re watching for specific keywords with an increased possibility of converting, consider items such as long tail keywords, or attempt to restrict the total of general match aiming you utilize.

An example of this is:

  • Broad words, such as truck tires (too common) versus winter truck tires for Dodge Ram 1500 (precise)
  • Long tail, such as tennis lessons (too broad) versus tennis lessons in *My City* for intermediates
  • Possibly inapplicable, such as gluten-free cookies versus gluten-free chocolate chip cookies in *city*

You may likewise want to take a look at your position and schedule. If the brand is seasonal, there may be a period where you do not need to use CPC as much. By switching it off throughout these times, you are saving on your budget.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for ways to decrease your CPC costs, contact Affordable SEO Company Tampa. With a variety of services, this SEO company can keep you ahead of the game without breaking your budget.

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