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6 Software Development Ideas for Small Businesses


The right app idea can help you to reach a wider audience and boost sales. Nevertheless, it’s imperative to validate your software idea before delving into the project.

This decade is set to transform the landscape of software development in Louisville with the way new trends are emerging already. You can learn a lot from existing ideas to create a solution that’s unusual in your industry.

The bottom line is that your mobile app must align with your business vision. Now that you’re ready to develop your app, consider any of these suggestions.

1. Gift stores

Many people encounter issues when shopping for gifts for their loved ones. Even though there are a plethora of options when it comes to gifts, it can be daunting to find something the recipient will truly appreciate.

Perhaps you have a gift store; you can develop an app to help you reach a wide audience locally or internationally.

One of the latest software development trends that we can’t afford to ignore is blockchain technology. It can come in handy for rolling out special offers like loyalty programs. This will eliminate the need for a middleman, and customers won’t have to leave the comfort of their homes to make a purchase.

2. Pet shops

Virtual veterinary telemedicine apps are the rave of the moment. Local pet shops are springing up every day, and developing an intuitive mobile app can make yours stand out.

Some business owners in this industry find it difficult to reach a wider customer base. Software solutions can assist pet lovers to find their preferred pets. Such apps will contain the details of each pet, such as price and characteristics.

3. Health care

It’s safe to say that telemedicine became a prominent trend in 2020. This technology enabled patients to have access to quality healthcare remotely.

Local pharmacists can also benefit immensely from this solution by developing an app to order and buy medical supplies.

Asides from that, users can get information on discounts, sales or notify them when the next purchase is due. Software developers are now integrating AR and VR into healthcare apps to assists patients with debilitating illnesses or visual impairment.

4. Restaurant

You can help users to reserve tables in advance with a mobile app. Such users will have access to the list of restaurants within their location. Powering this type of app with AI will ensure that users enjoy relevant suggestions and personalized offers.

5. Fitness

As a fitness trainer, you can launch a mobile app to help your clients reach their fitness goals. They will find it easy to have access to the necessary instructions, measure their progress, and work out at any time and anywhere.

6. Online coaching

The online coaching industry experienced drastic growth during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of people who were initially skeptical about e-learning embraced the concept. There is a high demand for online coaching apps as more coaches appear on the scene.

An online coaching app is a great idea for your coaching business, regardless of your industry. It will help you reach your students anywhere in the world. It’s not surprising that traditional educational institutions are jumping on this trend.

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