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4 Steps to Ransomware Protection With Cloud Storage


Ransomware protection is one of the most important things that you can be investing in for your company’s current and future safety. If you want to keep your company as safe as possible, it’s important that you’re taking active steps to avoid ransomware attacks both now and in the future. This is especially important given that many experts estimate that the majority of companies in the United States will have experienced a ransomware attack by 2025.

Here are four steps you can take for ransomware protection through the cloud.

  1. Determine How Much Data You Need to Back Up

First of all, it’s a good idea to take steps to determine how much data needs backing up on a regular basis. Should you be looking at backing up everything on every employee’s device, or is it enough to have dedicated folders for work data that you can back up individually? Regardless of which you end up choosing, how many gigabytes will that end up being? Having a general idea of the amount of data you’re backing up can help you manage the process more easily.

  1. Back Up Your Data Daily

It’s extremely important that you back up your data on about a daily basis if you want to protect your company most fully from a ransomware attack. This is because protecting yourself from a ransomware attack is all about having a fallback of data that you can utilize in case of an attack. If this data is very out of date, your employees are going to end up having to repeat work they’ve already done.

  1. Maintain an Immutable Backup

Immutable backups are an important part of modern-day ransomware protection. More and more, ransomware attacks are starting to target backups just as much as they have targeted the information actually on the device they’ve infested. An immutable backup is a backup that you can’t change once the information is backed up; the only thing you can do is download the information again. This prevents ransomware attacks from harming your backup.

  1. Have a Plan in Place in Case of Ransomware Attack

Remember, your employees need to have a plan regarding what you’ll do if a ransomware attack does happen to your company. Most commonly, this plan is about isolating any infected devices from the network immediately, taking the devices to a professional for a complete wipe, and re-downloading everything once you’ve confirmed that the device is no longer compromised. A plan allows your company to manage the process easily if an attack ever happens.


As ransomware attacks become more and more prominent, it’s becoming increasingly important that you protect yourself and your company from the possibility of a ransomware attack. It’s best to have a plan in place if your company ends up on the wrong side of a ransomware attack; even if that attack never comes, the benefit and peace of mind that the plan can provide you can be more than enough.

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